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Pho 79 Munich

Pho 79

Eat Pho and roll your own spring rolls

Pho 79 is an interesting name, which is basically impossible to pronounce for Europeans. No, you nei ...
Kam Yi Munich

Kam Yi

Dim Sum, Chinese and much more

The "China Restaurant Kam Yi" is located opposite of the Hilton Munich City, close to the "Deutsches ...
Thai Binh Duong Munich

Thai Binh Duong

Vietnamese supermarket in Rosenheimer Strasse

The Thai Binh Duong is the smallest of the Asian supermarkets in Rosenheimer Strasse. Thanks to the ...
Charlie Munich


Successful experiment with the Vietnamese cuisine

"Hallo mein Name ist Charlie" (hello my name is Charlie). This is how nicely the old cinema display ...
Pho - Flavour of Vietnam Munich

Pho - Flavour of Vietnam

Pho and stylish interior

The delicious and low priced food, as well as the bright and modern interior are the main attraction ...