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Nudelhaus Sano Munich

Nudelhaus Sano

Eating Noodles like in Japan

The Nudelhaus Sano (noodle house Sano), close to Deutsches Museum, is the second branch of the Sushi ...
Sushi Sano Munich

Sushi Sano

Sushi a la Carte

Sushi a la carte is seldom to find in Munich. The Sushi Sano provides exactly this, finest and fresh ...
Asaka Munich


Running sushi at discoung prices

Asaka is a Running sushi restaurant in central Munich. On the door, you will read that the restauran ...
Sushiya Sansaro Munich

Sushiya Sansaro

High quality and high price Sushi

The Sushiya Sansaro ist the restaurant of the Sushiya brand just like the Sushiya Bento. If you ask ...
Nomiya Munich


The Bavarian-Japanese eatery around the corner

A Bavarian-Japanese restaurant? Yes, there is one and it is located in Munich. The Bavarian part mos ...
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