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Nudelhaus Sano Munich

Nudelhaus Sano

Eating Noodles like in Japan

The Nudelhaus Sano (noodle house Sano), close to Deutsches Museum, is the second branch of the Sushi ...
Warmi Nudel Bar Munich

Warmi Nudel Bar

Noodle Soups from the Warmi Matrix

The number of noodle bars in Japanese style is constantly growing in Munich. One of the first that s ...
Takumi Munich


The famous noodle house, now in Munich

Düsseldorf is the Japanese capital of Germany. The Japanese restaurants there are supposedly the mos ...
Taklamakan Munich


Uyghur Restaurant at the central station

At first glance, the Taklamakan at Munich central station looks like a Turkish snack bar. Only a clo ...