AKUO Munich


Small Taiwanese Restaurant in University District

The Univiertel (university district) is more and more starting to become an insider tip for Asian fo ...
Chi Wan Munich

Chi Wan

Delicious Dim Sum in Neuperlach-Süd

Close to the metro station Neuperlach-Süd, a treasure of the Chinese cuisine in Munich lies hidden. ...
Fire Dragon Lounge Munich

Fire Dragon Lounge

Here you are brewing your own soup

The Fire Dragon Lounge was already open for a while but the name on the door still said "Nova". At t ...
Fuyuan Munich


The restaurant with the two faces

If you start a research about the Fuyuan on the Internet, you will mainly find two opinions. On the ...
Hanshe (Restaurant) Munich

Hanshe (Restaurant)

A new Chinese hotspot in Munich

Most Chinese food enthusiasts in Munich will most probably know the name Hanshe. As stated by the ow ...
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