Kushiage Enn Munich

Kushiage Enn

Fried Japanese Delicacies

In Barer Strasse, there is a well-hidden small restaurant dedicated to the Japanese cuisine. At Kush ...
Mitani Munich


best Japanese lunch menu for an unbelievable price

Visiting the Mitani at Rosenheimer Platz for lunch, you will mainly see one thing: Japanese and Germ ...
Nomiya Munich


The Bavarian-Japanese eatery around the corner

A Bavarian-Japanese restaurant? Yes, there is one and it is located in Munich. The Bavarian part mos ...
Nudelhaus Sano Munich

Nudelhaus Sano

Eating Noodles like in Japan

The Nudelhaus Sano (noodle house Sano), close to Deutsches Museum, is the second branch of the Sushi ...
Sushi Sano Munich

Sushi Sano

Sushi a la Carte

Sushi a la carte is seldom to find in Munich. The Sushi Sano provides exactly this, finest and fresh ...
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