Asaka Munich


Running sushi at discoung prices

Asaka is a Running sushi restaurant in central Munich. On the door, you will read that the restauran ...
Bento Ya Munich

Bento Ya

Nice and delicious Japanese food for very good prices

Just recently, the Bento Ya opened quite close to Munich central station. At the moment, it is still ...
J-Bar Munich


Japanese home-style cooking in authentic atmosphere

"Already for a while I am sitting in this small but comfortable guestroom. I am eating delicious Jap ...
Japan Sushi Gourmet Munich

Japan Sushi Gourmet

Low priced Sushi close to main station

The Japan Sushi Gourmet close to Bentoya has the same concept as the Sushi Sano. The standard approa ...
Kushi-Tei of Tokyo Munich

Kushi-Tei of Tokyo

Japanese Grill close to the University

The Kushi-Tei calls itself an authentic Japanese restaurant. As opposed to most Japanese places in M ...
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