Nudelhaus Sano

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Address Zweibrückenstrasse 19
80331 Munich
Telephone +49 89/21568330
Opening times Mon-Sat: 11:00 - 22:00

Eating Noodles like in Japan

The Nudelhaus Sano (noodle house Sano), close to Deutsches Museum, is the second branch of the Sushi Sano chain with a slightly different focus. Instead serving Sushi, you will get delicious and big portions of Japanese noodle soups. Of course, they also serve variations of Sushi, Japanese starters and rice dishes, but most guests order one of the many soups or combine them with a starter and one or two Nigiri.

The furnishing of the small dining room presents itself Japanese style. That is, the guests are sitting at a long counter, behind which the staff is preparing the delicious treats. Combined with the counter, the authentic taste adds to the Japanese flair of the place. You just have to ignore that the staff are mostly speaking Cantonese with each other rather than Japanese.

Even though the soups are low priced, the quality and taste are excellent and you will most certainly be full. Tired with shopping in the city center? Off to Nudelhaus Sano.
Nudelhaus Sano Munich
Nudelhaus Sano Munich
Nudelhaus Sano Munich
Nudelhaus Sano Munich
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changke 3-9-2012 2:08 pm
上周五去这家小店尝试了,感觉还不错。店面装修的确很有特色。点了乌东面和荞麦面,味道比较清淡适口,汤也不错,我给 8/10 分。Wobei 寿司性价比很高。 非常感谢站长的介绍,我们决定慢慢把这里介绍的所有餐馆都去试试!
myasianmunich 2-28-2012 10:55 pm
At changke: einfach nur "Soba"
changke 2-28-2012 5:02 pm
jan 8-9-2011 4:35 pm
man sollte auch erwähnen dass kein bier angeboten wird, im gegensatz zur sushi-filiale. schade.