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Address Nikolaistrasse 9
80802 Muenchen
Telephone +49 89 3835 6422
Website not available
Opening times Daily: 17:30 - 3:00
Sat and Sun: 12:00 - 15:00

Hotpot or barbecue? Why not both!

At the beginning, the number of hotpot restaurant in Munich was quite limited. This has changed significantly and now, hotpot restaurants can be found all over the city. The result is that, no matter in which part of Munich you live, you don’t have to drive far to find one.

The Hoking is located close to Münchner Freiheit. It offers hotpot all you can eat for 15.90 Euro per person. The buffet offers a wide range of different ingredients including crabs, shrimps and rice noodles. Beef and lamb will be brought directly to the tables. In addition, the buffet offers a small selection of starters and desserts as well as a handful of ready dishes.

As opposed to most other hotpot places in Munich, Hoking offers a special selection. If you want, you can order a hotpot plus barbecue all you can eat. In this case, you will get a pot plus a grill on which you can prepare different vegetables and meats.

If you don’t want to eat hotpot, you can order a la carte as well. But be careful, there are two different menus, one with authentic Chinese food and one with westernized dishes. We highly recommend specifically asking for the Chinese menu as you will automatically get the westernized one if you don’t look Chinese.

If you stay a bit longer, you can enjoy the karaoke-skills of the other guests or maybe even sing yourself if you dare.
Hoking Munich
Hoking Munich
Hoking Munich
Hoking Munich
Hoking Munich
Hoking Munich
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