Lou Lan Cha

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Address Augustenstrasse 8
80333 Munich
Telephone not available
Website http://www.loulancha.eu/
Opening times Mon-Sat: 11:00 - 20:00
Closed on Sundays

Bubble tea from Taiwan prepared by Taiwanese

The teahouse with the beautiful name Lou Lan Chan is the newest addition to the Munich bubble tea family. For everyone who already forgot or didn’t know it: Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan. That said, we had high hopes when we heard that the owners of this place are Taiwanese. Our expectations even increased knowing that the ingredients are all imported directly from Taiwan.

Long story short: our expectations were more than met. Quality, choice and taste of the different drinks are excellent. As a customer, you can choose between 15 milk teas, 15 fruit teas, 5 fresh teas, 5 yoghurt drinks as well as different coffee and hot drinks. Let’s have a look at the milk teas. They are available hot and cold for a price of 3.20 Euro (small) or 3.80 Euro (large), including tapioca topping. Additional toppings are available for 50 Cent.

At the Lou Lan Cha, you will find many things that you might be familiar with from other bubble tea places but some specialties as well like Matcha milk tea or ginger milk tea.

The very positive impression the Lou Lan Cha gave us is topped by its very friendly atmosphere. Not surprisingly, at the opening days, we were invited to Taiwanese homemade food. To round this up, the staff is very friendly and keen to prepare the bubble tea the way the customer prefers and likes it best.
Lou Lan Cha Munich
Lou Lan Cha Munich
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rhein52 10-16-2012 1:50 pm
Connie 9-23-2012 10:47 pm
If you're looking for original taste of bubble tea in Taiwan, you've to try Lou Lan Cha. They are the only one provide something which is similar as what we have in Taiwan and they do provide customized drink as you like, e.g. half sugar, no sugar, no ice,... Their Matcha milk tea and Taro&Coconut milk tea with Tapioka are really tasty.
Houkaku 8-17-2012 7:47 pm
the best in munich? really doubt that.
Stacy 4-3-2012 11:28 am
Love it, this one is simply the best since it's owned and operated by Taiwanese, everything is very authentic! BoboQ has Taiwanese recipe, but owned by the locals, so the quality is sometimes/usually out of control. The people here are very nice too, I usually take a trip over on Sat since it's too hard to make my way over during the weekday for it's closing time at 7 pm..
Amira 3-21-2012 9:45 pm
Ich war auch sehr begeistert über diese Kreation von Bubble Teas, da ich es schon bei anderen Geschäften probiert hatte jedoch muss ich zugeben, dass Lou Lan Cha alle Bubble Tea Gschäfte um längen voraus ist weil sie sehr auf Qualität achten was mich persönlich positiv überraschte
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