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Address Adalbertstrasse 32
80799 Munich
Telephone +49 89/39 299 006
Website not available
Opening times Mon-Fri: 11:00 - 21:00
Sun: 12:00 - 21:00

Small Taiwanese Restaurant in University District

The Univiertel (university district) is more and more starting to become an insider tip for Asian food enthusiasts. The newest addition, the AKUO, surely does not have to hide behind the older restaurants in this area. The small but nice restaurant is specialized on Taiwanese food. It does not seem to be a big insider tip among the Chinese students in Munich anymore. At our first visit, 14 of the 15 guests were Chinese. Considering their dialect and the topics of their talks, most of them probably from Taiwan. In our humble opinion, this is always a good sign and a positive indicator for the quality of a restaurant.

The menu lists few but very delicious and glutamate free dishes (around 25 including starters and noodle soups). The kitchen is within the dining area, which makes it possible to watch the chef preparing the delicacies. We especially recommend the homemade dumplings (Jiaozi), the spicy chicken (three cups chicken) as well as the noodle soups. The weekly recommendation should not be ignored as well. In general, however, you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. Best of all, the dishes are not only very delicious but also extremely low priced. For instance, you get the chicken for 6 Euro and 10 dumplings for 6.90 Euro.

Considering the location and the prices, the AKUO will definitely attract countless Chinese and other students. If you are up for delicious and authentic Asian food, we recommend you going there as well, student or not.
AKUO Munich
AKUO Munich
AKUO Munich
AKUO Munich
AKUO Munich
AKUO Munich
AKUO Munich
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Rike 4-1-2013 7:20 pm
I was also happy to finally get Taiwanese dishes like Three Cup Chicken. Unfortunately they were using chicken breast instead of legs (much too dry). But the taste was good! The Xiaolongbao to me are Qianbao (fried baozi dumplings), the beef noodle soup tasted great, only they were using broccoli which was new to me, I prefer cabbage or salads. Lurou fan was very good. The Mapo Tofu (not Taiwanese anyway) didn't have any meat and tasted bland. Very nice service.
HungAnDe 1-7-2013 8:06 am
Having lived in Taiwan for several years, my Taiwanese wife and I were looking forward very much to trying this restaurant. The first impression was that they definitely have a very Taiwanese choice of dishes, plus very reasonable prices (for Munich, that is). The 牛肉麵/Beef Noodle Soup was great. The 滷肉飯/Lu Rou Fan/Braised pork on rice was also good, even though quite unlike the styles we were used to. I have no idea why they called the third dish we got there 小籠包/xiǎolóngbāo, though. We even asked if there was any misunderstanding or we accidentally ordered the wrong dish: It was some kind of doughy, fried bun with half-raw looking and tasting meat filling, looking and tasting nothing like the expected steamed dumplings. Apart from that one letdown this was a good experience, though, and can be recommended.
jinglebells 9-18-2012 12:44 pm
刚开张的时候经常去吃,觉得很好,终于可以吃到地道的小吃了,可现在质量和口感越来越差, 估计学生都不去吃了。
rhein52 9-4-2012 4:21 pm
Houkaku 8-9-2012 8:20 pm
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