Take Don

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Address Erzgiessereistrasse 32
80335 Munich
Telephone +49 89/2371 0781
Website not available
Opening times Mon-Thu: 11:45 - 14:30 and 17:45 - 20:00
Fri: 11:45 - 15:00

3 dishes are enough

The Take Don is located well hidden in Erzgiessereistrasse 32. If you go there, you will find a small and very cozy Japanese restaurant. As per their own definition, the Take Don sells Japanese soul food, composed by several factors. Firstly, the Japanese staff is extremely friendly, lovely and open for conversations. Additionally, the food is prepared completely without glutamate and, as far as possible, made out of local organic food.

Interestingly, the place only offers three dishes every day, which are best described as plane fare. While the first dish, Gyu Don a Japanese beef dish, is served every day, the other two dishes change every week. The food is not only fresh, delicious and healthy, it is also cheap. Each dish is available for 6.50 Euro, including a small salad. The smaller version will costs you 6 Euro, the bigger one 7,50 Euro.

The Take Don deserves the rating insider tip. Go there, and being there already, take an extra minute to have a look at the impressive piece of art made out of 8600 grains of rice.
Take Don Munich
Take Don Munich
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