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Address Hofangerstrasse 7
81735 Munich
Telephone +49 89/403 124
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Opening times Tue-Sun: 11:30 - 15:00 and 17:30 - 23:00

Cantonese delicacies hidden close to Michaelibad

All Dim Sum restaurants in Munich seem to have one thing in common: they are very well hidden. This is sad since there is nothing better than starting a Chinese evening with a round of delicious Dim Sum. The Jade restaurant close to the metro station Michaelibad (U5) falls into this category of restaurants: delicious Dim Sum and well hidden.

Besides Dim Sum, the Jade offers much more being specialized on Cantonese cooking with all its subtleties. The menu is written in Chinese and German. The big range of products makes it hard to choose since you cannot have everything. All the food is very delicious and offers good value for the money. We especially recommend the half duck, which tastes extraordinarily good.

The restaurant does not seem to be frequented by many Germans but is full of Chinese guests. This can be judged as a positive indicator of the authentic Cantonese food offered at the Jade.

A small hint: If you visit the Jade, do not let the cold behavior of the staff bother you. They do not mean it and it just adds to the authenticity of the restaurant.
Jade Munich
Jade Munich
Jade Munich
Jade Munich
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HungAnDe 1-7-2013 8:05 am
The 蝦餃/xiā jiǎo/Shrimp dumplings were very enjoyable and perfectly shaped. The 鳳爪/Chicken feet were good, too, but could have been even better without the "re-heated" taste. The 脆皮炸大腸/cuì pí zhà dà cháng/fried intestines on shredded lettuce were very good - but with 15€ quite expensive in my opinion. The 紅燒豆腐煲/hóng shāo dòu fǔ bāo/braised Tofu with veggies was good too - but seemed extremely overpriced at 17€. The 燒賣/shāo mài/steamed crab egg dumplings were good and looked home made. Hint: The Chinese menu lists more dishes than the German one. All in all better than most germanized Chinese food, but in my opinion too expensive for the quality and quantity.
yogy 8-22-2012 6:56 pm
Das Essen ist eine Wohltat fuer den Gaumen. Und das Laecheln der Bediening muss man sich erarbeiten , wenn man mit freundlichen Gesicht mit Ihr spricht, kann man auch ein zartes Laecheln bekommen, genau nach Asien Art. Komme immer wieder gerne Yogy
food hunter 7-11-2012 11:29 pm
damit hier auch ein deutscher kommentar steht. was interessiert mich das lächeln der bedienung wenn sie mir mein essen heiss und schnell serviert. geh ich zum essen um mir den bauch pinseln zu lassen oder diesen mit leckeren essen vollschlagen zu können ? ausserdem sei hier erwähnt, das der service ansonsten nicht unfreundlich ist. wer unter diesen voraussetzungen ein gutes chinesisches essen geniessen möchte ist hier nicht falsch. und das soviele asiaten den laden frequentieren spricht ja auch für sich, oder ?
nick 1-11-2012 4:47 pm
Germans complaining about bad service is like calling the kettle black. Anyways, looking forward to trying the food based on this review.
richard 11-11-2011 6:11 pm
aweful service with zombie face waitress food in cantonese style is good
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