Kims Restaurant

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Address Theresienstrasse 138
80333 Munich
Telephone +49 89/379 668 80
Website not available
Opening times Mon-Sat: 11:30 - 14:30 and 18:00 - 24:00
Sun: 18:00 - 24:00

The new Korean restaurant in Munich

Even though Munich does not have too many Korean restaurants, people here are rather spoiled considering the quality of the Korean food you get. Finally, there is a new addition to these restaurants (since April 1, 2011), Kim's Restaurant. It is located conveniently about 200 meters from the Metro station Theresienstrasse (U2) .

Here, the Korean cuisine enthusiast can find all the delicacies desired, starting from classics like Bulgogi (marinated beef) to Korean BBQ (directly grilled at the table). At lunchtime, Kim's offers very cheap meals (starting from 4,90 Euro) that come with rice and Kimchi. If you want, you can order Sushi menus as well. In the evening it gets slightly more expensive but stays moderately affordable. As opposed to lunch, the dishes come not only with rice and Kimchi but with all kinds of other side dishes as well.

Our first impression of this restaurant is very positive. The food is delicious and we especially liked that the staff was not stingy with the side dishes. We did not try the lunch menus yet so cannot say anything about their quality at this point. It seems that the restaurant is still lacking customers, which is normal considering how new it is. Nevertheless, we could already spot a group of Koreans so the word is out.

In any case, Kim's Restaurant is worth a visit and we will come back regularly. Soon, we will rate the lunch menus as well.

A small hint: If you want a European friendly introduction to Korean food, we recommend the different barbecues.
Kims Restaurant Munich
Kims Restaurant Munich
Kims Restaurant Munich
Kims Restaurant Munich
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Stefania 8-24-2011 10:41 am
In diesem Restaurant gab es immer viele Leute, immer wenn wir es besuchen. Das Essen war sehr lecker und preiswert. Heute besuche ich hier noch mal mit meiner japanischen Freundin.
KORA 8-4-2011 4:30 pm
Leckeres Essen (vor allem authentisch), erschwingliche Preise, sehr guter Service! Werden es bald wieder besuchen :)
BSBS 6-2-2011 4:19 pm
Gutes Essen, aber wir hatten eine schlechte Erfahrung mit der Bedienung. Es war so schlect, dass das Essen uns nicht mehr schmeckt.
jbjb 5-18-2011 8:36 pm
TERRIBLE service. We had to ask for our menus and go get them ourselves in the end, same for drinks, and then waited over an hour post ordering to get our food (most of which we cooked on the table grill anyway!). Tis a shame, because the food was good....
小龙人 5-1-2011 12:06 pm
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