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Address Schyrenstrasse 8
81543 Munich
Telephone +49 89/480 582 44
Opening times Tue-Sat: 12:00 - 1:00

Successful experiment with the Vietnamese cuisine

"Hallo mein Name ist Charlie" (hello my name is Charlie). This is how nicely the old cinema display is greeting potential customers outside of the Charlie in Untergiesing. Charlie is not the name of a person but of a relatively new Vietnamese restaurant. People that are familiar with the Vietnam War might feel a little awkward about the name and it seems to have been chosen as a provocation and should not be taken too seriously. At least, it will make you think.

The Charlie calls itself a restaurant offering authentic Vietnamese food. This claim is rather bold, not because the food is not authentic but because the combination and presentation of the food is very interesting and brave. The traditional Vietnamese hotpot (Lau) is served together with rice paper and other fortune roll ingredients. Instead of eating the food straight out of the hotpot, it is rolled with those ingredients and eaten as a wrap. Both approaches for themselves are very traditional. The combination is rather unusual, also for real Vietnamese even though it is not completely unknown. Should you start your meal as a skeptic, you will be convinced once you took the first bite. The combination not only works, it works very well. We would like to see or better said eat more such experiments.

The menu offers a small but fine selection of typical Vientamese food, which is also offered in vegan variants. It contains spring rolls, fortune rolls, salads, rice noodles and Pho soups or you stick with the previously mentioned hotpot. The basics (rice paper, rice noodles, salad, herbs, soy sprouts, the beef soups etc.) are 15 Euro per person. In addition, you have the choice between nine different ingredients like beef for 7.50 Euro or tofu for 5 euro (last checked: March 30, 2011). A good approach is to share them with friends for a larger selection.

As well the ambience as the slightly higher prices indicate that the Charlie focuses on a young and hip clientele. Still, everyone is welcome, even dogs, which we think is very charming and fits the place.

Experiment successful!
Charlie Munich
Charlie Munich
Charlie Munich
Charlie Munich
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A Fu 6-20-2012 6:11 pm
Wir waren ein mal da, das Essen war gut, aber es hat echt ewig lang gedauert.
Tester 4-13-2012 12:22 pm
Service: gut Essen: nix besonderes, aber die selbstgemachten Saucen sind wirklich gut Preis-Leistung passt nicht, finde ich.