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Address Wörthstrasse 7
81667 Munich
Telephone +49 89/448 40 95
Opening times daily 18:00 - 01:00

The Bavarian-Japanese eatery around the corner

A Bavarian-Japanese restaurant? Yes, there is one and it is located in Munich. The Bavarian part mostly consists of the interior and the beer while the food is mainly Japanese.

This concept works extremely well and might be the main reason why the Nomiya in Haidhausen changed its status from insider tip to hyped spot. Therefore, it is always advisable to book a table otherwise you might find yourself waiting at the bar for a long while. The Nomiya is always crowded and waiting times for food can go up during high peak times. Another drawback is that the staff easily gets stressed by the busy atmosphere which negatively influences the quality of service. Special wishes are almost never granted (not even in case of an allergy).

Thanks to the comfortable and nice atmosphere, these flaws are easily forgiven. The food is delicious and the beer, especially the Unertl Weißbier, is extremely good. The menus have the best price-quality ratio. The Sushi menu is available for 17.60 Euro, the Yakitori-Kushiyaki menu for 16.50 Euro. (last checked: March 14, 2011)

Due to the incomparable combination of Bavarian and Japanese, the Nomiya definitely has the potential to be your favorite spot.
Nomiya Munich
Nomiya Munich
Nomiya Munich
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Rike 4-1-2013 7:33 pm
a little expensive. very nice skewers, good sushi.
tyrkir 9-7-2011 11:28 pm
in 2011-09: we had sushi, edamame and dumplings, all very tasty. beer is served in a stein (jug of burned clay), which keeps your beer cold and fresh. comfy and laid-back location. i liked it !