Jackie Chan

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Address Rosenheimer Strasse 222
81669 Munich
Telephone +49 /89 450 880 98
Website not available
Opening times daily: 11:30 - 14:30 and 17:30 - 23:00

Jackie Chan is a Chinese Restaurant as well

Even though the name may suggest it, the Jackie Chan in Rosenheimer Strasse is not owned by the famous movie star. It is simply the name of the owners’ son (the newest addition to the family is called Bruce Lee btw.).

The restaurant is one of the newest additions to the Chinese gastro scene in Munich but already very popular with both, Chinese and German customers. The secret might be the food since Jackie Chan not only offers Europeanized Chinese food but also authentic meals. Since the waiter might not actively ask you, you better mention before ordering that you want to have the Chinese menu. If you cannot read Chinese characters, the staff can help you. If you dare, just leave the choice to them.

The Jackie Chan also scores with the friendly staff and the way they honor loyal customers. If you come by frequently, it is very likely that you will get a discount or a free meal. Considering this, it is simple to forgive that during high peak times you sometimes wait a little longer for your food.
Jackie Chan Munich
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Rike 4-1-2013 6:54 pm
Haben ganz gute Sachen, allerdings das meiste sehr sehr salzig. Die Tofu-Gerichte fand ich nicht so gut, haben nur den festen Tofu. Ma-Po Tofu ohne Hackfleisch. Gong Bao Huhn mit Paprika und anderem Gemüse. Und so billig finde ich es nicht. Service nett aber zum Teil sehr langsam. Not bad but very very salty. Tofu dishes not so convincing, only use firm tofu even for Ma-Po tofu (theirs didn't have minced meat either). Gong Bao chicken with bell pepper and other vegetables. Not so cheap after all. Service nice but can be very slow.
王先生 2-9-2012 8:10 am
Richard 11-11-2011 6:14 pm
cheap price nice service HOWEVER: Ingredients of dish do not own any credit...too heavey no organic