Imbiss zum Koreaner

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Address Amalienstrasse 51
80799 Munich
Telephone +49 89/283 115
Opening times weekdays: 9:00 - 22:00
weekend and holidays: 11:00 - 22:00

Fastfood made in Korea

The small "Imbiss zum Koreaner" is a small korean fast food place in the center of Munich. It is part of the "zum Koreaner" chain, which has two branches in Munich. The second is a Korean restaurant in Nymphenburgerstrasse.

The menu in this snack bar is rather small but good for a location of this scale. You will find dishes like Bibim Bap, Bulgogi, Kimchi Jiggae and Schweinebauch (a pork dish which is especially popular with European customers). The dishes are prepared in view of the customer and are ready very quickly. The location is a self service place which is completely ok considering the low prices.

Zum Koreaner calls itself a chain for authentic Korean food. Several visits with real Koreans seem to confirm this claim. Even though not everything seems to taste exactly "like at home", all rated the taste and authenticity very high. The author of these lines shares this opinion.

If you are around the University at lunch time and you are up for an experiment, this is the place for you since the food is definitely not your typical Asian food.

Our hint: Korean food is mostly spicy and the taste is hard or impossible to compare to other Asian food. The first time you try, this may have influence on your rating (especially the taste of Kimchi). If you give this food a chance, after a while you will not want to miss it anymore.
Imbiss zum Koreaner Munich
Imbiss zum Koreaner Munich
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changke 5-25-2012 8:23 pm
Schweinebauch 非常非常好吃,实际上也并不辣。强烈推荐!